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Genuine Ink Cartridge for HP Printer

Genuine Ink Cartridge for HP Printer

We can offer a wide range of large format digital printing solutions to meet clients' individual demands. For instance, this HP ink cartridge is provided to meet users' digital printing demands on various graphics, images, and photos. In addition to the ink cartridge for HP printer, we can also offer the product for CANON and EPSON printers as well. In addition to the extensive range of product, we can provide professional support to our clients as well. The popular HP ink cartridge for large format printer includes HP70, HP72, HP81, HP91, HP771, HP789, HP792, and some others.

Why Us
1. The inks of latex series, scitex series, indigo series and some other series are all available with this product.
2. We have abundant HP ink cartridge in stock. Therefore, the delivery shall be fast.
3. We have 750 clients from more than 80 countries. You can get certain understanding about our product from them.
4. 10% to 30% discount will bring your more profit.
5. 100% genuine original.


Items Description Suitable Printer
HP70 HP70 ink cartridge-130ml HP Z2100/Z3100/Z3200/5200
HP70 print head HP Z2100/Z3100/Z3200

HP70 Ink Cartridge


New sealed box

Genuine 130ml HP70 cartridge

HP70 cartridge(130 ml) is suitable for following printers:

Design jet Z3100 24" Photo Printer
Design jet Z3100 44" Photo Printer
Design jet Z3100ps GP 24" Photo Printer
Design jet Z3100ps GP 44" Photo Printer
Design jet Z3200ps 24" Photo Printer
Design jet Z3200ps 44" Photo Printer
Design jet Z3200 24" Photo Printer
Design jet Z2100 24" Photo Printer
Design jet Z5200 44" PostScript Printer
Design jet Z2100 44" Photo Printer

HP70 Printer Head

No.70 Printer Head For HP z2100/ z3100 C9405A Light Cyan & Light Magenta Printer head
C9406A Magenta & Yellow Printer head
C9404A Matte Black & Cyan Printer head
C9407A Black & Light Grey Printer head
C9408A Blue & Green Printer head
C9409A Matte Black & Red Print head
C9410A Gloss Enhancer & Grey Print head
C949A Matte Black & Chromatic Red Print head


Items Description Suitable Printer
HP72 HP72 ink cartridge-130ml HPT610/770/1100/1200PS/2300MFP
HP72 ink cartridge-300ml
HP72 print head


Items Description Suitable Printer
HP81 HP81 dye ink cartridge-680ml HP Design jet 5000/5500
HP81 print head & cleaner


HP82 HP 82 Color Ink Cartridge HP Design jet 800/800PS、HP Design jet 815, HP Design jet 820 、HP Design jet 500/500 Plus/500PS、HP Design jet 510
HP 82 Black Ink Cartridge
HP 80 Print head


Items Description Suitable Printer
HP91 HP91 ink cartridge-775ml HP Z6100
HP91 print head
HP91 maintenance cartridge


Items Description Suitable Printer
HP771 HP771 ink cartridge-775ml HP Z6200
HP771 print head
HP771 maintenance cartridge


Items Description Suitable Printer
HP789 HP789 ink cartridge-775ml HP Designjet L25500
HP789 print head


Items Description Suitable Printer
HP792 HP792 ink cartridge-775ml HP Designjet L26500
HP792 print head


Items Description Suitable Printer
HP705 HP 705 Ink Cartridge -680ml HP 5100
HP 705 Printhead


Items Description Suitable Printer
HP761 HP 761 400ml ink cartridge HP 7100/7200
HP 761 printhead HP 7100/7200


Items Description Suitable Printer
HP763 HP 763 775ml ink cartridge HP 7100/7200


Items Description Suitable Printer
HP FB250 HP FB250 ink FB950

- Original Scitex ink FB250
- HP Scitex FB500 / FB700 / FB950 Printer
- Volume: 3 liter
- Color: Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, Light Magenta, Light Cyan

CH216A FB250 Scitex ink, Cyan Ink 3 Liter
CH217A FB250 Scitex ink, Magenta Ink 3 Liter
CH218A FB250 Scitex ink, Yellow Ink 3 Liter
CH219A FB250 Scitex ink, Black Ink 3 Liter
CH220A FB250 Scitex ink, Light Cyan Ink 3 Liter
CH221A FB250 Scitex ink, Light Magenta Ink 3 Liter
CQ121A Scitex FB500/FB700/FB950 Printer Cleaning Kit ---
CQ123A Scitex FB250 2 Liter White Ink Cartridge 2 Liter
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