DIY Inkjet photo sticker
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DIY Inkjet Photo Sticker

DIY inkjet photo sticker is a pre-cut self-sticking inkjet photo paper. It is provided to you with design software so that you can print your personalized photo stickers. It has two sizes, 2 inches and 3 inches which can be printed by household inkjet printer. You can stick this product to any place you want. The printed inkjet photo sticker can be widely used in various certificates, resumes, and official documents.

DIY Inkjet Photo Sticker (Pre-cut)
Code Type Weight ISO536
(g/m2 ± 5)
Format Sheets quantity in pack
IPS2 Inkjet Photo Sticker 2 inch cut 115/80 4R 50
IPS3 Inkjet Photo Sticker 3 inch cut 115/80 4R 50
Resolution (dpi): 5760
Humidity resistance: Yes
Pigment ink: No
Dye ink: Yes
Lightfastness* (years): 15
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