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Genuine Ink Cartridge for Large Format Printer

    1. Genuine Ink Cartridge for HP Printer

      In addition to the extensive range of product, we can provide professional support to our clients as well. The popular HP ink cartridge for large format printer includes HP70, HP72, HP81, HP91, HP771, HP789, HP792, and some others.

    1. Genuine Ink Cartridge for CANON Printer

      The fast delivery, as well as 10% to 30% discount, will not only improve your working efficiency, but also reduce the production cost.

    1. Genuine Ink Cartridge for EPSON Printer

      Our customers are widely spread all over the word. Enjoying the good reputation, we can offer not only the qualified product, but also the considerate service from every last details.

Professional and considerate, with more than 10 years' experience in the industry, we are recognized as the genuine ink cartridge distributor for Epson printer, Canon printer and HP printer. Our product is applied to designing, pre-press, package graphics, indoor graphics, etc. By evaluating your needs carefully, we will offer the best solutions for you, which may keep your business efficient, flexible and profitable.

Staffed with professional designers and sale staff, customers may receive the help from us from every aspect. If you have any problem related to genuine ink cartridge, please contact us. We are ready to provide the most considerate customer service to you.

EPSON Original Ink
Epson Original Ink for Epson Large Format Printers
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CANON Original Ink
Canon Original Ink for Canon Large Format Printers
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HP Original Ink
HP Original Ink for HP Large Format Printers
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    1. Clear Inkjet Film, Imagesetting Film

      The production of the inkjet clear film has been optimized to meet the different demand from the customers. The product is employed for offset, screen printing, flexo, plate making, as well as lithography.