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T-shirt Transfer Paper

T-shirt Transfer Paper

Do you want to give your friend a present made by hand? If so, this T-shirt transfer paper is the best choice for you. You can print the image you like on the light or dark color T-shirt made of cotton with iron or other facilities. The printing shall be conducted with the pigment ink.

T-shirt Transfer Paper
Code Type Weight (g/㎡± 5) Size Sheets Quantity in one pack
WTT White T-shirt Transfer Paper 180 A4/A3 10
DTT Dark T-shirt Transfer Paper 200 A4/A3 10
Resolution (DPI): 2880
Humidity resistance: Yes
Pigment ink: Yes
Dye ink: Yes
Conforming to ISO 536 standard
Light fastness (years): 15
Operating temperature:15-30℃ Humidity: 40-60%
To obtain the image with desired effect, please keep the paper free from air. No indication can be observed before the changing of the technical characteristics.
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