Light T-shirt transfer paper
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light T shirt transfer paper

  • Surface:

    matte ,white

  • Weight:


  • Size for sheet:

    A4/Letter/ Roll sizes

  • Size for roll:

    24",36",42", 44"

  • Instruction:

    Temp:165℃;Time:15s;Pressure:low;Peel:cold or warm

  • Packing:

    Neutral plastic bag, color box, inserted pages , aluminium foil bag etc and in bales pallet packing carton packing with fixed brackets in both ends or as per your requirement.

  • Lead time:

    usually within 15-30 days after advanced payment received

  • Payment:

    L/C,T/T ,Paypal, W.U.

Light T shirt transfer paper can be used in cotton T-shirt.
Colorway heat transfer paper for 100% cotton can be used in ordinary color inkjet printer. It is suitable for normal aqueous ink (Recommend using pigment ink). After printing and thermal transferring, the image can be transferred to cotton fabric. So it can help you manufacture various unique products including personal t-shirt, undershirt, advertising shirt, sportswear, hat, pillow, cushion, mouse pad, handkerchief, gauze mask, home decorations, etc.
Light T shirt transfer paper can transfer high quality patterns. It is colorful, breathable, soft, washable, and high color fastness.


Covers and illustrations for printing books, color picture card, a variety of fine goods advertising, samples, merchandise packaging, trademarks, ect

Suitable printer:

Epson; Canon; HP, Other inkjet printer; All desktop inkjet printers


Dye Ink


Temp:165℃;Time:15s;Pressure: low;Peel: cold or warm


☑ high color reproduction,
☑ no wrinkle,
☑ no cranking when heating


1) Customize your cloth with your favorite photos or pictures.
2) Design for displaying vivid images on white and light color cotton cloth or cotton/polyester blended fabric.
3) Ideal for making personalized T-shirt, canvas bag, wool cloth, apron, gift bag, mouse pad, etc.
4) Transfer peels off easily with hot.
5) Iron on with a regular household iron & heat transfer press machines
6) Washable degree meets textile industry standards.

Heat Press Machine Transfer processing

a.Set heat press machine at 180°C, for 25~30 seconds using high pressure
b.Briefly heat the fabric for 5 seconds to ensure that it is completely smooth
c.Before transferring, cut out the motif without leaving a margin around edge
d.Place transfer paper onto fabric with the printed image facing downwards
e.Heat press machine at 180°C, for 25~35 seconds

OEM Solution:

We can do any special size that you need for the photo paper;
We can make package design for you you're your own brand and request;
We can help calculate the logistic details so that you can check how many packs you can order within your budget .

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