Magnetic Inkjet paper

Magnetic inkjet paper

This magnetic inkjet paper is white material similar to paper with glossy or matte surface which is a magnetic bottom layer. In fact, one side of the inkjet paper is similar to normal paper and the other dark side is of magnetic particles which is adhesiveness and can be stuck to any metal surface. So this product can be easily removed for reusing. It can be cut by scissors.

Magnetic Inkjet Photo Paper
Code Type Weight ISO536
(g/m2 ± 5)
Format Sheets quantity in pack
MMD Matte Magnetic Inkjet Photo Paper 640 A4/A3 5
MGD Glossy Magnetic Inkjet Photo Paper 640 A4/A3 5
Resolution (dpi): 2880
Humidity resistance: Yes
Pigment ink: Yes
Dye ink: Yes
Lightfastness* (years): 15
* Recommended operating temperature:15-30℃;Humidity: 40-60%.In order to achieve the desired image result, keep closed, without reach of air. Technical characteristics could be changed without preliminary notification.
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