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    1. Matte Coated Inkjet Paper

      The matte coated inkjet paper can be classified into regular series, double sided series and self-adhesive series provided in the size of A3, A4, 4R.

    1. Cast Coated Inkjet Photo Paper

      Classified by weight: 150g/㎡, 180 g/㎡, 210 g/㎡, 240 g/㎡, 260g g/㎡.
      Classified by size: A3, A4, 4R, large format.

    1. Resin Coated Inkjet Photo Paper

      7-layers top micro-porous coating technology with two layer resin coated base.

    1. Fine Art Paper

      It can be used for art reproduction, photograph making, art posters, collages, landscapes, business card, greeting card, invitations, diplomas...

    1. Laser Photo Paper

      High precision and color accuracy
      Outstanding color gamut
      Perfect color expression and detail display

    1. Inkjet Canvas

      The product made of 100% cotton is recyclable and degradable.
      This inkjet canvas is compatible with ...

    1. Sublimation Transfer Paper

      To obtain the perfect image, the carrier used shall hold the image well and can release the ink easily. The product we offer has been tested for many times.

    1. Inkjet Wallpaper

      Made of environmental protection material, no harm to your health.
      Easy installation.

    1. Inkjet Proofing Paper

      Water-resistant and fast drying
      Suitable for dye and pigment ink
      Anti-UV, suitable for long-term storage

    1. Clear Inkjet Film, Imagesetting Film

      The production of the inkjet clear film has been optimized to meet the different demand from the customers. The product is employed for...

    1. Inkjet Gold / Silver Film

      Therefore, it can be used for windows display, indoor portraying, photo salon, as well as the reproduction of antique.

    1. T-shirt Transfer Paper

      You can print the image you like on the light or dark color T-shirt made of cotton with iron or other facilities. The printing shall be conducted...

    1. Magnetic Inkjet Paper

      The difference is that the other side of the product is dark with magnetic particles. So you can print your favorable picture on the paper and attach...

    1. Inkjet CD/DVD Label

      Besides the convenience in identifying your own CD/DVD, more importantly, this product is a good platform to show your special taste.

    1. Inkjet Business Card

      The printing can be conducted on both sides of the product. The size of the pre-cut paper is in compliance with the...

    1. Inkjet Photo Sticker

      The photo printed out can be in the size of 2 inch and 3 inch. Only the household inkjet is required for all the operation.

    1. Inkjet Photo Album

      You can download the 3MB programme from our web site. No installation or fee is required.

    1. Inkjet Desktop Calendar

      You can print the image you like on the paper. To find more photos, you can download the 3MB program from our web site.

    1. Genuine Ink Cartridge for HP Printer

      In addition to the extensive range of product, we can provide professional support to our clients as well. The popular HP ink cartridge for large...

    1. Genuine Ink Cartridge for CANON Printer

      The fast delivery, as well as 10% to 30% discount, will not only improve your working efficiency, but also reduce the production cost.

    1. Genuine Ink Cartridge for EPSON Printer

      Our customers are widely spread all over the word. Enjoying the good reputation, we can offer not only the qualified product, but also the...

    1. Compatible Ink Cartridge for HP Printer

      This product is generally applied to photography, indoor graphics, imaging, as well as digital printing. With the good compatibility, the ink ...

    1. Compatible Ink Cartridge for CANON Printer

      The compatible ink cartridge for Canon printer we offer has good compatibility. Produced with advanced technology, no damage or clog will be...

    1. Compatible Ink Cartridge for EPSON Printer

      The qualified product we offer will not cause damage or clogging to your print head. Besides the excellent performance of the compatible ink cartridge...

    1. Bulk Ink for Large Format Printer

      The bulk ink we offer is of superior quality with stable performance due to the advanced imported facilities as well as the professional designers...

    1. Genuine Lexmark Toner Cartridge

      The product we offer include C540, C736, C792, E260, T644, T650, and some others. The following table is the detailed specifications.

As a professional printing consumable manufacturer in China, we are engaged in the production and sale of various digital printing media for inkjet printers and laser printers, such as inkjet papers, high gloss papers, matte papers, inkjet artist canvas, inkjet cartridges, and so on. These products are applicable to high resolution photographic poster prints, home and office photographic image prints, graphic-display prints, advertising output, business presentations, reports, flyers, designing, greeting cards, etc.

Besides, we can also produce many types of toner cartridges for HP, DELL, SAMSUNG, BROTHER, Canon, EPSON, and other printers. Our printing consumables are all produced by adopting advanced technology and high quality raw materials. They can excellently help you finish various print jobs.

If you are interested in our printing media, please contact us at Colorway Digital Technology Company.