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Special Inkjet Media

    1. T-shirt Transfer Paper

      You can print the image you like on the light or dark color T-shirt made of cotton with iron or other facilities. The printing shall be conducted with the pigment ink.

    1. Magnetic Inkjet Paper

      The difference is that the other side of the product is dark with magnetic particles. So you can print your favorable picture on the paper and attach it to the location with metal surface you want like the fridge.

    1. Inkjet CD/DVD Label

      Besides the convenience in identifying your own CD/DVD, more importantly, this product is a good platform to show your special taste.

    1. Inkjet Business Card

      The printing can be conducted on both sides of the product. The size of the pre-cut paper is in compliance with the international standards.

    1. Inkjet Photo Sticker

      The photo printed out can be in the size of 2 inch and 3 inch. Only the household inkjet is required for all the operation.

    1. Inkjet Photo Album

      You can download the 3MB programme from our web site. No installation or fee is required. There is a manual coming along with the inkjet photo album. The photo printing can be conducted on the inkjet printers.

    1. Inkjet Desktop Calendar

      You can print the image you like on the paper. To find more photos, you can download the 3MB program from our web site.

    1. Clear Inkjet Film, Imagesetting Film

      The production of the inkjet clear film has been optimized to meet the different demand from the customers. The product is employed for offset, screen printing, flexo, plate making, as well as lithography.