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Inkjet Proofing Paper

Inkjet Proofing Paper

Manufactured in different sizes, the inkjet proofing paper can be used for offset, gravure, packaging printing, art work reproduction, simulation of uncoated paper, etc. The surface of the product we offer can be glossy, semi-glossy and semi-matte. Provided with stable quality, it is very easy for you to standardize the workflow for manufacturing the end-product.

Possessing the following advantages, the inkjet proofing paper is well received by the industries like advertising agencies, publishing houses, prepress business and some others.
Water-resistant and fast drying
Suitable for dye and pigment ink
Anti-UV, suitable for long-term storage
Suitable for wide variety of colors High ink limit
High image quality
High definition
Cold or hot-laminated available

As a professional manufacturer, the product we offer is suitable for nearly all kinds of people engaged in graphic design, professionally, or recreationally.

Product Category
Code No. Product Description Paper Width Size Length (m) Weight
IPP190 RC base , semi-glossy 24", 36" , 42" 30 190
IPPS250 Semi-matte 250
IPPG250 Glossy surface 250

The inkjet proofing paper can be used in conjunction with most of the inkjet proofing system. Even using different inkjet printers, you can enjoy the same printing effect.

Product Specifications
Type Inkjet Glossy/Semi-Glossy/Semi-Matte Proofing Paper
Size A4, A3, 24", 36", 42" , 44", 50" , 60", etc.
Printers All inkjet printers
Surface RC base, semi matte
Weight 190g/㎡, 250g/㎡
Waterproof Yes
Outdoor use Not recommended.
Note Indoor use only.
Uses Silk screen, wide screen, lithographic printing, plate making
Software Screen print RIP, trapping, proofing.
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    1. Compatible Ink Cartridge for HP Printer

      This product is generally applied to photography, indoor graphics, imaging, as well as digital printing. With the good compatibility, the ink cartridge will cause no damage and clogging to the print head.