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Bulk Ink for Large Format Printer

Genuine Ink Cartridge for EPSON Printer

The bulk ink is widely used to print image on textile or non-woven fabrics for art reproduction, interior decoration, advertisement printing, banner printing, digital printing, publishing, etc.

The bulk ink we offer is of superior quality with stable performance due to the advanced imported facilities as well as the professional designers, experienced engineers and the outstanding workers. The wide range of products, like inkjet dye series, inkjet pigment series, CISS, ink cartridges, empty cartridge, and refilling kit, are fully compatible with Epson, Canon, HP, and other large format printers.

Our company pays great attention to the personnel training so as to offer professional service to our client. If you have any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us for considerate customer support.

Bulk inks for Epson
Bulk inks compatible for Epson Large Format Printers
Bulk Inks for Canon
Bulk inks compatible for Canon Large Format Printers
Bulk Inks for HP
Bulk inks compatible for HP Large Format Printers
Colorway Bulk Ink Canon Printer-Hot Items
Item Code Printer Model Ink Type
PFI-701 Canon IPF8000/8000S/8100/8010S/9000/9000S/9100 Pigment
PFI-102 Canon IPF500/510/600/610/710 Dye
BCI series Canon W6400/8400 Pigment
Colorway Bulk Ink for HP Printer-Hot Items
Item Code Printer Model Ink Type
70# HP Designjet Z2100/3100/3200 Pigment
81# HP Designjet 5000/5500 Dye
91# HP Z6100 Pigment
Colorway Bulk Ink Epson Printer-Hot Items
Item Code Printer Model Ink Type
CBIE-7600/9600 Epson Stylus Pro 7600/9600 Pigment
CBIE-4800/7800/9800 Epson Stylus Pro 4800/7800/9800 Pigment
CBIE-4880/7880/9880 Epson Stylus Pro 4880/7880/9880 Pigment
CBIE-7900/9900/7910/9910 Epson Stylus Pro 7900/99007910/9910 Pigment
CBIE-7908/9908 Epson Stylus Pro 7908/9908 Pigment
CBIE-7700/9700/7710/9710 Epson Stylus Pro 7700/9700/7710/9710 Pigment
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    1. Compatible Ink Cartridge for HP Printer

      This product is generally applied to photography, indoor graphics, imaging, as well as digital printing. With the good compatibility, the ink cartridge will cause no damage and clogging to the print head.